Bums (and dog) on Seat by Sam Toft
Dog Art Print Poster

A very nice art print by artist Sam Toft. Her whimiscal characters and style are apparent here. What makes it even better is that it includes a dog! Two people sit on a bench and look out over the landscape or seascape. Both wear hats and one wears a scarf that blows in the wind. Between the couple sits a white and black dog, also enjoying the scenery. See more dog poster art prints by this artist.

Dog and bums on seat art print by Sam Toft
Dog Art Print Poster Sam Toft
Bums on Seat with Dog

This wonderful art print by Sam Toft shows two "bums on seat". The pair is sitting on a bench, looking out over the water. Between the two sits a white dog. Nice art print for decorating any wall.

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