Rainbow Colored Labrabor Dog Close Up
Dean Russo Dog Art Print

This dog art print is by Dean Russo and is a close-up, colorful portrait of a Labrador retriever dog. Purple, pink, yellow, orange, blue, all the colors of the rainbow make this Giclee art print a wonderful way to add some color, and some Labrador retriever dog, to your surroundings. Awesome dog art print by Dean Russo.

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What a color full psychedelic way to decorate your home or place of business! A wonderful dog art print by Dean Russo. This Labrador retriever portrait brings out the beauty of the Labrador dog's face and eyes.

A contemporary Pop artist from Brooklyn New York, Dean Russo specializes in colorful portraits using mixed media. Animals, including dogs, are often the subjects of his work. Thanks for the awesome art, Mr. Russo!

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