Shake No. 3 by Rebecca Kinkead
Dog Poster Art Print

A wonderful dog themed art print poster by artist Rebecca Kinkead. The apt title of this piece of art is "Shake No 3". Perhaps it took three shakes to get all of the water out of this dog's coat! Nice colors and subject matter, looks like a retriever of some type. Awesome art for your home or office walls. See this and other dog art print posters...

Art print by Rebecca Kinkead titled Shake No 3
Dog Art Print - Shake No. 3
Rebecca Kinkead

This art print poster by Rebecca Kinkead shows a wet retriever dog doing the shake. Shake No. 3 to be exact! Shades of blue are the colors of this piece. A wonderful work of art for any wall in your home or office. More fantastic dog poster art prints...

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