Two Clipart Puppy Dogs in Love
Dog Clipart for Valentines Day

This is awesome, cute dog clipart for lovers or Valentine's Day. Two puppy dogs, one white and brown and the other white and black, stand face to face in front of a large Valentine heart. One of the puppy dogs holds a bouquet of red, heart-shaped flowers behind its back. Great puppy love clip art. See more clip art images by this artist.

Two puppy dogs in love, Valentines Day clipart
Valentines Day Puppy Love
Puppy Dog Clip Art

Nothing could be sweeter than two cute puppy dogs in love. A white and black puppy dog holds a bouquet of red flowers behind his back. The other puppy dog is white and brown and appears to be giving the other dog a kiss on the cheek! Or should I say muzzle... Very nice dog love clipart. See more dog clip art by this artist.

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